Standard Engineering Construction Company Limited engage in a wide range of Engineering

Consultancy Services, Design, Project Management, fabrication, Design and Maintenance,

Process Control Engineering, Logistic Support and Products/services sold or rendered with

due consideration to high degree of standards and flexibility


1. Construction and maintenance of Oil Flow stations, Flow lines, Pipelines, Booster stations,

Pump installations, Installation of Compressors, vessels & valves, Oil Rig services,

Flowstation Upgrade and any other Mechanical Construction/Fabrication works

2. Location Preparation, Building of Roads, Culverts and resurfacing of existing Roads,

Building of Residential Homes, Office Complex Hotel Building and Structural Warehouses

and/or Workshops

3. Maintenance and renovation of existing Houses, Office Complex, Hotel Building ,

Residential building and ware houses

4. Construction/Maintenance of Storage Tanks, Sandblasting & Painting, Pipe Wrapping and

Drilling of Bore holes,

5. General Supplier of Hardware & Equipments, oil services tools, valves, welding fittings,

instrumentation fittings, House fittings, Electronics, Vehicles, Sanitary Fittings, Software, Safety


6. Supply and Installation of Communication Equipments, Electrical/Instrumentation,

Computer and networking, Oil Service Tools, Valves flanges, etc


7. Supply of Heavy Equipment for Sale or leasing

8. Project Management, General Contractor, Logistic Support and General supplies - including

labour, materials and equipment.