We have been working to standard specifications for Oil companies and Federal Government

of Nigeria. The company since inception has achieved tremendous growth in volume and

profitability and has continued to be one of the leading contractors in the oil, gas, steel and

glass manufacturing industries in Warri and its environs. These were achieved through the

Company’s experienced, virile and strong management team as well as the company’s

strategic location in Warri, Lagos, Benin and an Overseas correspondent in Europe and U.S.A

The head office, Warri, and other branches give the company an edge in materials/ products

sourcing and availability to be able to beat the high competition in the market, while the

Overseas correspondent provides technical support, materials and expertise that can not be

provided locally.

We consistently endeavour to improve the high standards of service to our clients and

continuously seek to improve the scope and quality of service. This is done through a

structured approach to both investment in capital and more importantly in our people.

Our experienced engineers are able to design, development and engineering expertise

together with the companies total commitment to high quality and services to suit your specific

project requirements, often utilising existing designs and stock equipment enabling us to offer

favourable prices and leadtimes. We also ensures our jobs are specified by many of the

worlds leading engineering firms.

We provide our Clients with a Engineering facility of exceptional quality, capacity and a team of

personnel committed to meeting their needs.

We also operates a computer system connected through a Local Area Network powered by a

central server running Microsoft Server. Our experienced & qualified engineers utilise the latest

software  to enable them to offer unique design solutions to the complex problems that arise

in the ever demanding Oil industries

Our establishment is highly equipped with both qualified personnel and material resources to

satisfactorily carry our detailed basic Engineering design and construction, like Pipeline

construction and design, building, Road Construction, Location Preparation, Bridges, and

other Civil Engineering Structures.

STANDARD ENGINEERING CONST. COY. LTD. Employs the same team of young dynamic

and skilled professionals on a project from conception stage to completion.

Our design mission is geared towards achieving a structural design, which fulfils the

requirement of our client with considerable and high degree of durability at reasonable cost.

We had worked successfully in the area of Pipeline design, Project management &

Supervision, Welding and Fabrication, Location Preparation, Flowstation Upgrade &

Installation, Equipment testing & Installation, Flare Convection, Tank Construction, Reinforced

Concrete Design, structural Steel Design, Foundation Design and Building Engineering


Our structural and soil engineers have the ability and the capability to actualize the goals of all

design works, working to basic and Standard specifications and also give pieces of advise

where necessary.

STANDARD ENGINEERING is committed to creating robust management and accountability,

safe working procedures based on fit for purpose standards and people receiving appropriate

levels of training. (Everyone working for STANDECO has a responsibility to comply fully with the

Safety Management System). Our objective is to create a workplace, which is free of harm to

people, free of damage to equipment and protect the environment.

Our ongoing policy for training and development of all employees includes an intensive

programme of World Class Engineering techniques. These techniques are used by

multiskilled teams to continuously improve all aspects of our engineering and service